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The best way to access your NJEA Member Benefits is to visit the expanded information in the Member Benefits pages of NJEA.org. NJEA Member Discounts Program is provided as a service to NJEA members on products and services. Follow these steps:

  1. Visit memberbenefits.njea.org
  2. Log in with your PIN (or email address) and password(last 4 digits of SS#).
  3. Everything that Member Benefits offers is linked to this page.
  4. Scroll down to ACCESS DISCOUNTS and click search ACCESS.
  5. Be sure to follow the instructions to download the MYDEALS mobile app so you can find savings on the go.

 $30 Costco Shop Card with New Costco Membership

NEA members obtaining a new Costco membership will receive a  $30 Costco Shop Card. It’s easy to join Costco.

Go online to www.neamb.com/costco, sign into your account or register, and click “Join Now” to purchase your Costco Membership Activation Certificate.

You will receive an email confirmation that includes your certificate, which you can then redeem at any Costco.



NEA Member Benefits has launched a new entertainment ticket program for NEA members, the NEA Discount Tickets Program. This program provides members with access to the world's greatest entertainment brands including Walt Disney Resorts. Universal Resort. Cirque du Soleil. Sea World, and many more. Members save up to 40% on tickets in five event categories: Theme Parks. Movies. Broadway Shows. Ski Resorts, and Preferred Access Events, including Concerts and Sports.

The NEA Discount Tickets platform has been designed for ease of use. Transparent pricing with this program displays all taxes and fees, clear billing and credit card information, and comprehensive ticket and box office/pickup details. In addition, the program provides a toll-free NEA customer service number. 833-266-0632. 8 am-10 pm. EST. 7 days a week.

NEA members and their spouses/domestic partners eligible dependents and family members may participate in the program. Access requires registration on the NEA Members Benefits website, www.neamb.com/tickets.

ASA Child Advocates...WE NEED YOU!

CASA is a national organization which has local programs in each of the 21 counties in New Jersey. CASA is looking for volunteers to advocate for children in out-of-home placements in NJ.

Children may be removed from their home be cause of physical, emotional or sexual abuse. The role of the CASA volunteer is to be the “eyes and ears of the court” by helping the courts to determine the best interests of the child. CASA functions include: investigative/fact-finding, monitoring, reporting and advocating on behalf of the child. CASA volunteers become the child’s “voice in court”.

Retired educators are ideal advocates for children removed from their homes because they have an opportunity to contribute experience, expertise and knowledge to a child in foster care. Volunteers will reap the benefits of making both a contribution to the community and to a child in need. To find out more information about volunteering.

Contact CASA at www.CASAforChildrenNJ.org.

Secret Seat

Secret Seat is a local service that connects members to a refreshing variety of live entertainment. Secret Seat members have exclusive access to unlimited entertainment options across New Jersey and they can attend for free. So, what’s the secret? Well, when local theaters and venues have unsold seats at their events, they come to Secret Seat to keep the house looking full. Secret Seat is proud to offer NJREA members FREE memberships to help get their secret out.

NJREA members can enjoy a FREE three-month membership to Secret Seat to visit as many listed shows and live events as they wish. NJREA members can activate this offer at any time. There usually is a $99 annual fee for this membership but it will be waived for this free 3 month offer andyou will not be required to enter any payment methods. Visit secretseatcom, click on “JOIN” button, select “TWO-TICKET MEMBERSHIP” and enter coupon code “NJEA”. For any questions, or assistance please send email to info@secretseat.com.

Important NJ Savings

The 2019-2020 budget fully funds the Senior and Disabled Citizens’ Property Tax Reimbursement(also known as Senior Freeze), which reimburses eligible senior citizens and disabled persons for property tax or mobile home park site fee increases on their principal residence.

Previous state budgets set the income threshold for the program at $70,000. But, recognizing the high cost of living in New Jersey and the financial hardships of those on fixed incomes, we made it a priority in the Legislature to ensure more seniors and those with disabilities can qualify. That is why we appropriated the necessary funds to increase the income limit to $89,013.

The Legislature doubled the gross income tax deduction available to U.S. military veterans through the Veterans Income Tax Deduction, from $3,000 to $6,000. This deduction is available to taxpayers honorably discharged or released under honorable circumstances from active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States, a reserve component, or the National Guard of New Jersey. About 400,000 New Jersey residents who served our country will be eligible for this enhanced benefit.

Members Only

To sign into Members Only, you will need the PIN on your NJEA membership card, OR your email address (if it’s on file with NJEA) and your password (last four digits of your Social Security # unless you’ve changed it.)

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