New Je4rsey State Capital

    Legislative Action

Dear NJREA Colleagues:

We, NJREA retired members, are and have been, part of a profession that is a critical and unique cornerstone of our human history. We are the educators and support staff in the sacred places of learning, from nursery programs and K~12 learning centers to the vaulted hallways of historic colleges around the globe.

We need to always remember the gift that our lives as educators have been to our children of many generations; past, present, and for the generations moving forward. Now, in the last 2 months of another drama-filled and cataclysmic year in our country, our Executive Team is asking you to be part of the voices of citizens endowed with the right to cast our vote for our communities and our leaders, both in New Jersey and in our nation.

At our October meeting, standing at the dais, I spoke of the hope that our membership throughout New Jersey would return Governor Phil Murphy to the State House in Trenton. I shared that the Governor made a historic effort to support New Jersey Public Educators with his first full payment into our public pension in over 25 years. After decades of financial drought, the billions added to our pension is nothing short of a monumental watershed.

Governor Murphy has repeatedly offered his encouragement and support to all educators active and retired during the medical pandemic that our nation has battled relentlessly since January of 2020.
Starting in September, we have sent postcards to some of our early mail-in ballot members as a loving reminder to fill in the ballot and hand it to our post office. We have canvassed the public at Cumberland Mall and the Motor Sports Park. We have posted lawn signs on members' yards and at corners all around the area. Several of us have started making phone calls to all 600 retired members to encourage them to vote for Phil Murphy and Sheila Oliver at the top of the ticket.

On Friday the 22nd, I spoke with the spouse of a member who had lost her ballot after spending a month in the hospital. I encouraged her to drive with her husband to the Cumberland County Board of Elections to request a new ballot and ask them to void her misplaced ballot form. It can be these small gestures and efforts that can offer all of us the belief that in spite of the fragileness of our body politic right now; it can be said that we are all in this together.

With Respect,
Bill Hartman, GR Chairman